Studyhacker’s EDC – These Items Got Me through the Uni

Studyhacker’s EDC – These Items Got Me through the Uni

As I am one little thing called 💀MASTER’S THESIS💀 away from my degree, it is a good time to check out the gear I used daily in my journeys at the university. Maybe you can get some tips for your own study-EDC from this, too.

First lets lay down the foundation: a good, solid backpack. I used to carry a laptop bag, but I soon discovered that I needed more versatility (plus two straps > one strap). My choice was Varusteleka Assault Pack (closest thing now is Särmä Assault Pack Mk. II), from which I stripped the front pockets off and moved the waist strap to function as a chest strap (more about the mods here). Because the pack also doubles as my biking pack (as it has a hydration pack pouch on the back side), I’ve attached two side pouches: one for bicycle pump and one for FEB9 first aid bandage. Reflective paracord is added to increase visibility during darker seasons.


Inside the pack I had pretty much always the same contents:

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It’s a New Year for This Blog, Too.

It’s a New Year for This Blog, Too.

Now that the holiday feasting and hurdles are pretty much over, it thought it would be time to give myself a moment to think about this blog’s future. So, I cracked open a bottle of Crew Republic’s IPA and started typing this.

The blog isn’t going anywhere, since it’s essentially a major part of this site – and my personal web presence. However, when I started to write these posts I thought to write about things that matter to me, regardless of the topic. Now that I look back, I realize that while these rants might represent me, they provide little value to others (unless someone share highly similar interests) and are more or less just a way for me to pour down current thoughts. In a way this is not a bad thing, since this whole site exists to represent me, but I’d enjoy more to contribute to others via this media.

Shadow people watching the fireworks?

I’m not big fan on giving New Year’s resolutions, but for the blog I might try some:

  1. More focus. I try to narrow down the general topics of interests covered in this blog. More sense to readers, somewhat easier to write for me.
  2. Studyhackers. I will graduate during this year and so leave studying (in the university) behind, but until then I will keep writing on how to boost your studying efficiency with technology. All related posts will appear also at as they’ve been so far.
  3. More pictures. Apparently the modern Internet-dwellers have pretty short attention span, so adding a few pictures here and there makes reading easier and content more colorful. Tried it with this post, it’s working if you got this far.

So back to business it is. Stay tuned, folks.

The Power of Words

The Power of Words

I started this blog with few thoughts about the questionable quality of the information available online (part 1 & part 2). However, after seeing these next two videos recently, I decided to contribute more on the topic. This time I will focus on the words used, i.e. the way things are expressed in a certain way to shape your reaction and opinions. This  very cunning method is used in both public and private sectors, and certainly as a phenomenon it’s on the rise.

To get you  to understand this topic, its importance and influence more, check out this must-see video from Billy Johnson:

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The Dark Side of Information Overload

The Dark Side of Information Overload

I’m an information addict, no doubt, but then again isn’t that the case for the most of us these days? The thing is that unlike (unfortunately) most of us, whenever I find something especially interesting/intriguing online, I dig deep and go for the original source – behind the scenes, so to say, in order to see what really is under the polished end-product, which is fed to the masses.

The Internet has indeed made the creating, consuming, sharing and searching for information easier than ever before, but it has not done so without consequences. The openness of the Internet has lots of debatable downsides, ranging from cyber terrorism to illegalized peer networks, but although many of those regularly gain flashy headlines, I’m writing about an issue that is often ignored: the quality and the worthiness of the data itself.

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Chapter Zero

My passion for writing, for questioning the norm, for technology and all things digital, has led me to this PNR, the creation of this blog as a core component of the 21st century’s most egoistic way of self-presentation and self-promoting, the personal webpage. That said, there’s an actual spark that set things in motion and ultimately led me to start expressing myself on blogaly manner.

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