The following is my translation of “Jokamiehen kyberpuolustus”, Everyman’s Cyber Defence, a short snippet from publicly available document #kyberpuolustus : kyberkäsikirja Puolustusvoimien henkilöstölle (2019) by Laari, Flyktman, Härmä, Timonen and Tuovinen. Source material is encrypted in Finnish and free to download from National Defence University of Finland’s website. I intend no copyright infringement and share this as cyber security awareness material for public interest.

Good practices for personal cyber defence

  • Be mindful about information you share about yourself publicly.
  • Use long and complex passwords or take advantage of a password manager app.
  • Use unique passwords in different services.
  • Be cautious and use common sense when opening emails.
  • Keep all your devices protected and their software updated.
  • Keep personal devices separated from Defence Forces devices.
    • (My note: separating personal and work devices is good practice for all of us regardless of where we work. EDIT: I also covered this in F-Secure’s monthly threat report F-Alert March 2023.)
  • Use a USB stick only if it’s absolutely necessary and even then run a malware scan on it first.
  • Think before you click – shady links expose you to many threats.
  • Use your smartphone as you would your computer, same guidance applies to both.

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