Compared to other social networks, Reddit is a bit more barebones in terms of features and therefore also in terms of privacy settings. Here’s a handy list of the things you can do to harden your Reddit account.


Content visibility: Here you can select whether or not
posts to this profile can appear in r/all and your profile can be discovered in /users. I’d disable this.

Privacy & security settings

App authorization: Review periodically, disable app accesses as needed. Less access means less potential data compromises.

Search engine indexing:  Disable.

Log outbound clicks: Disable.

Two-factor authentication: Enable.

Personalization Preferences

(This used to be called Personalized Ads, but Reddit has since expanded its “personalization” options)

These steps should get you started, but do be aware that as explained in their Privacy Policy, Reddit collects a shit-ton of information about you – including geolocation data –  regardless of these settings. It’s also worth visiting /r/privacy, and as always, remember to keep identities and profiles completely separated.


This guide is part of my social media hardening series. You can find more articles like this, covering e.g. LinkedIn, from this category.

4 thoughts on “Reddit Privacy Settings Guide

    1. Ei nyt suoraan liity tuohon, mutta ylipäätään mitä enemmän voimme mainostajilta yksilöimismahdollisuuksia evätä, sitä neutraalimman kokemuksen itse saamme. Reddit yksi palvelu monien joukossa.

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