Current Gen2 ring customers will get “early access” (no idea what this means), 50€ discount, and a free lifetime Oura membership. To get these benefits, you must order the new ring within next 14 days through the link in the in-app pop-up message or related email you should’ve got from Oura. I didn’t receive that email, but apparently it should’ve been sent to all existing customers.

EDIT 1: There seems to be more than one type of offer for existing customers. A friend who bought Gen2 ring recently, got 100€ discount instead of 50€ discount offer. Rest of the offer is the same as the one I got.

Also, instead of receiving the “personalized offer” email, some have received an email saying that their personalized offer email is coming within the next 48 hours. So, an email about an upcoming email…  And I haven’t received either one those.

EDIT 2: Here’s my referral link for 40€ / $40 discount and 1 month of Oura Membership for free.


There’s still A LOT of questions up in the air for which Oura hasn’t provided official FAQ yet. EDIT 3: There’s now an official Oura Membership FAQ. Here’s the original FAQ I had put together from their social media comments:

Q: Oura app has been free so far. What exactly does this new subscription bring to the table?

A: “Without membership, you’ll be able to see your three daily Oura Scores, ring battery, basic profile information, and app settings. All score contributors, tailored insights, features, and in-app content, among other dimensions of your Oura app and experience, will be locked.” (Source)

Q: Do you need to pay for the app if you continue using Gen2 ring?

A: “The Oura Membership only applies to the Gen3 ring. You do not need a membership to continue using your Oura Ring Gen2.” (Source)

Q: How long will you support Gen2 rings?

A: “We’ll continue to support your product with routine software and firmware updates for up to 2 years post Gen3 release.” (Source)

Q: What about Oura Cloud / Oura on the web?

A: “Oura On the Web will not be accessible to those without an Oura membership.” (Source)

Q: Will Gen3 beavailable in Balance or other styles than Heritage?

A: “We don’t currently have plans to offer the Balance ring moving forward” (Source)

Q: Why do I need to order the sizing kit when I already know my ring size?

A: “The sizing differs slightly from Gen2. You will receive a sizing kit prior to selecting your Oura Ring Generation 3 ring size.” (Source)

Q: Are there any offers for new customers?

A: You can use my referral link to get the same offer as existing customers get:

Please note that this is just random bits and pieces I’ve found through their Twitter replies. I’ll keep updating this blog post once we know more.


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