I have to admit, I used to like my books the traditional, heavy-weight kinda way. But recently I’ve put a concious effort to give eBooks a shot (since I have the perfect device to read the, the 8″ screen Lenovo Miix 2), and I knew from the get-go that finding the perfect app to suit my needs could provide to be challenging. Of course there’s big names like Kindle app to be found on Windows Store, but I was looking for something that can open .epub files from OneDrive and possibly function in cross-platform harmony with my Windows Phone. After experimenting with several apps, there seemed to be a clear winner.

The similarity of the app on both platforms. From bookviser.com

First of all, Bookviser provides native apps for both Windows Phone and Windows 8. According to their website, it is actually the most popular independent eReader for former platform. You can either download eBooks from your OneDrive or other pre-provided sources such as Project Gutenberg, but to get the most out of the app you need to create free Bookviser account first. Then you can enable the cross-platform synchronization, which really in my opinion is the single greatest feature. I usually read my eBooks at home from the tablet, but sometimes when travelling I might have laptop with me instead (which is a bit overkill as a device for reading books), so I tend to read eBooks on my phone. After syncinc, I can pick-off reading exactly where I left it on my tablet. Needless to say, both apps offer nice amount of customization in the reading experience, with changeable colors, fonts, margins, page changing animations and so on.

As usually with apps on Windows platforms, this one is also free of charge. So grab it now and install it ready for those rainy afternoons!

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